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Lift Platform

Lift Platform

Lift PlatformGTJZ-10

  • Model numberGTJZ-10
  • Table size 2.30m*1.13m

Lift PlatformGTJZ-8

  • Model numberGTJZ-8
  • Table size 2.29m*1.13m

Lift PlatformGTWY10-130-1

  • Model numberGTWY8-130-1
  • Altitude10m

Lift PlatformGTWY8-130-1

  • Model numberGTWY8-130-1
  • Altitude8m

Lift PlatformCY0.5-10

  • Type numberCY0.5-9
  • Table size2100*930

Lift PlatformCY0.5-8

  • Type numberCY0.5-8
  • Table size2100*930

Lift PlatformFully self elevating platform

  • height10-12M
  • weight2460kg

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