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Crawler excavator

SD17B( Optional cab)

  • BrandShanding
  • Operation weight1600kg/with cabin 1800kg

SD17B( Optional cab)




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Boom swing, 360 ° free rotation function, suitable for narrow boundaries (wall roots, pipes, indoors, etc.) construction!

Also used in orchard nurseries, landscaping, mountain reclamation, farmland reconstruction, excavation of water pipe cables, indoor demolition, ground fragmentation, vegetable greenhouses, farms, mines and tunnel construction, river dredging and other agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry plantations, small earthmoving The working environment of engineering and municipal engineering.


Crawler excavatorSD12D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1000 kg

Crawler excavatorSD13D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1200 kg

Crawler excavatorSD17-9

  • BrandShanding
  • Operation weight1580kg

Crawler excavatorSD20U

  • BrandShanding
  • overall weight 1960Kg

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