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Crawler excavator


  • BrandShanding
  • overall weight 1960Kg





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1.Variable frame of telescopic track

Shrink into small spaces and stretch for stable operation

2.Tailless slewing

Two functions at the same time, barrier-free construction in complex environments (wall roots, pipes, indoors, etc.)

3. Matching 14.7KW imported engine, strong power

The tailless excavator has the highest power and efficiency, strong power, low noise, and low fuel consumption, and meets T3 emission standards.

4.Matching imported hydraulic parts such as American HUSCO main valve, EATON motor

Fast action, coordinated compound action, high reliability, long service life

5. New appearance design

Molded cover parts are stamped, beautiful and upscale

6.Enhanced big and small arms, bucket, chassis design

Improve structure, disperse stress, improve structure stability and durability

7 open hood(Make daily inspection and maintenance work faster and more efficient)

 Used in roads, municipal, pipe networks, farmland, gardens, tunnels, mines, water conservancy, basements, orchards and other construction sites. It can be equipped with hydraulic breakers, wood grabs, rippers, rakes, augers and other operating devices Combined with its own rear swing, retractable track structure and boom side shifting function, you are more comfortable in the construction environment.


Crawler excavatorSD12D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1000 kg

Crawler excavatorSD13D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1200 kg

Crawler excavatorSD17-9

  • BrandShanding
  • Operation weight1580kg

Crawler excavatorSD20U

  • BrandShanding
  • overall weight 1960Kg

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