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Crawler excavator


  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1000 kg





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1. New appearance design Molded cover parts are stamped, beautiful and upscale

2. Install hydraulic oil radiator and respirator, powerful cooling fan, etc. Alleviates high temperature and can work continuously

3. Reinforced frame (chassis and platform) The large shelf is thickened and thickened, a few centimeters thicker than the old model, and the vehicle     is stable and powerful.

4.Solid cast iron counterweight, higher stability;

5. Enhanced big and small arm design,Improve structure, disperse stress, improve structure stability and durability

6.Add oil tank guard and bottom protection device, with built-in pipeline design Prevent scratches and breakage of various parts

7. Reinforced rubber track

Small size and light weight, suitable for construction of small spaces such as vegetable greenhouses, orchard nurseries, farmland leveling, and tap water trench excavation. It is an important tool instead of labor


Crawler excavatorSD12D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1000 kg

Crawler excavatorSD13D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1200 kg

Crawler excavatorSD17-9

  • BrandShanding
  • Operation weight1580kg

Crawler excavatorSD20U

  • BrandShanding
  • overall weight 1960Kg

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