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Off-road forklift


  • ModelT40B
  • Dimmensions4400*1900*2800


What benefits can we bring to you ?

(1): For consumers, our products are affordable, long service life, product models from 0.8 tons to 6 tons can meet any of your needs, support customization

(2): For suppliers, we will provide you with enough profit margin, and at the same time, we will provide after-sales service for our products within 1-3 years. We will provide you with testing to ensure product quality before leaving the factory. At the same time, we will provide free publicity for you in your country, and support customized colors and product trademarks



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Off-road forkliftT60

  • Rated load6T
  • Minimum turning radius ≤r4225mm

Off-road forkliftT50

  • Rated load5T
  • Minimum turning radius ≤r4225mm

Off-road forkliftT35

  • Rated load3.5T
  • Minimum turning radius ≤r3550mm

Off-road forkliftT40B

  • ModelT40B
  • Dimmensions4400*1900*2800

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