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Crawler excavator


  • BrandShanding
  • Operation weight8100kg





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Yanmar Engine,Doosan Pump,Japan KYB Valve,Eaton motor,Automatic heating and cooling air conditioner.Optimized chassis, double-cylinder bulldozer, mine-type four-wheeled belt, fully automatic cooling and heating air-conditioning, wiring harness, oil dispersion, water dispersion, diesel tank, etc. are all original. Zh 1. The space is wide, the field of vision is wide, and the operation is convenient. 2Hydraulic system: Japanese KYB control valve + American Eaton rotary + high pressure oil pipe. 3 Yanmar 4TNV98 series engine, fuel saving. 4Silent main pump with large displacement. 5 double-cylinder bulldozers, fast and powerful (optional non-shovel models) 6 large automatic air conditioners provide a comfortable environment for the driver. 7The bucket with the same tonnage and large capacity (0.32m³) is selected, and the rock bucket can be selected according to the user's requirements


Crawler excavatorSD12D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1000 kg

Crawler excavatorSD13D

  • Brand SHANDING
  • Operating weight 1200 kg

Crawler excavatorSD17-9

  • BrandShanding
  • Operation weight1580kg

Crawler excavatorSD20U

  • BrandShanding
  • overall weight 1960Kg

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