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18S Mini Excavator Machines does not start smoothly? Three steps to catch the failure point!

  • Update time: 2023-03-13

October, in the eyes of all excavator owners, is definitely a "gold rush" month. Throughout the month of October, machines all over China have to keep a tight pace and rush to catch up with the work schedule.

If the state of the machine matches, a year of project money is basically guaranteed, but if there are difficult to start and other difficult failures, then the owner's scalp may really be scraped off, such as y because the owner has been using this machine for many years, the recent Shanding 18S EFI machine must start with the help of starting fluid to start, it is difficult to start, every day to start the machine requires a lot of force! Let's see what's wrong with it.

Failure phenomenon.

This faulty machine is the Shanding 18S. The excavator was shipped directly from our Shanding Group's factory. It's a little painful to spend a fortune, but the machine is very powerful! The owner has been using this machine for many years.

It was the rainy season some time ago, so the machine was stopped for a while. Recently, the owner and another machine operator worked in shifts during the peak construction season. Unable to start, serious also have to use starting fluid to start the car, the machine owner did not know how to troubleshoot the point for a while.

Failure analysis and troubleshooting.

1. After seeking the help of Shanding's after-sales customer service master, the engineer contacted the customer as fast as possible. In order to help the owner save some downtime, he first borrowed an ET (Electronic Tester) to detect the common rail pressure of the engine. After precise measurement, it was found that the pressure value at start-up was very small, about 1.6-1.8MPa.

According to the usual experience, there are two reasons for this problem: the first is the failure of the high-pressure oil pump, which is usually said to be the common rail oil pump problem. The second reason is more common, is the injector nozzle is bad!

2, after analyzing the causes of the two failures, the engineer immediately suggested that the customer started the engine with starting fluid, and the inspection process found that the common rail pressure value is normal. This phenomenon is sufficient to show that the fuel supply pump is certainly not a fault problem, and can be ruled out first.

3, next, the engineer turned his attention to the injectors. The engineer who tested the injectors used the cylinder rupture test. During the test, he found several of them with excessive injector leakage, indicating that the fault phenomenon was caused by the injector problem.

Troubleshooting of the Sanding 18S excavator that could not be started smoothly.

After replacing the injector nozzle and high-pressure oil pipe, the owner started the excavator test again, at which point the engine could start very smoothly! Troubleshooting.

Fault summary.

In fact, the process of troubleshooting time is relatively short, the customer did not waste a lot of downtimes, but the root cause of the repair! As we all know, EFI maintenance not only requires more thought and effort, and accompanied by high costs.

But even if the cost is high, your owners must give the machine a good state of maintenance, or else whether it is a new machine or a used machine, it will be plagued by failures!

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